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beatles newsIn quite later months of their career, the Beatles’ manager, Brian Epstein, persuaded Lennon and McCartney to form a publishing company with music impresario Dick James -enlightening it must be smartest way for them to earn money from their songs.

Within a few years, band had turned out to be bigger than anyone expected and publishing company -Northern Songs -was floated on stock market.

Others come from way later in band’s career, hundreds of the songs date from 1962 -1964. Did you know that the Japanese company purchased the remainder of Jackson’s stake earlier this month.a specific amount those, including Come together and Why Don’t We Do It In the Road, are not due to proven to be accessible until 2025. In 1995, Jackson sold half of his share in ATV Music to Sony.

beatles news Lennon’s share in Beatles’ songs shan’t return to his estate, while Sir Paul’s motion to terminate copyright is going to be successful.

Whenever robbing chance them to obtain rights for themselves, without giving notice to the Beatles, in 1967. Relations betwixt band and the chairmen soured -and James abruptly sold the publishing rights to ATV Music for 5m. With those rights lasting whole copyright’s lifetime, yoko Ono sold the rights to his music to Sony/ATV Music in 2009.

Then the US copyright act of 1976 gives writers opportunity to reclaim rights after 56 years. I am sure that the star has not controlled publishing, he co wrote lots of the band’s hits.

Whenever, george Harrison and Ringo Starr were given merely 8 -prompting the former to write bitter just A Northern ng.

Sir Paul McCartney has filed lawful papers in US, as part of an attempt to reclaim the publishing rights to the Beatles’ back catalogue.

Unnamed source told magazine Sir Paul would usually recover publishing rights for his compositions half, a lot of which he cowrote with John Lennon. Did you know that the lack of control over songs act solely applies to the US, thus the Beatles’ back catalogue will remain in Sony hands / ATV in fairly a bit of world.

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publishing rights determine how a song may be exploited -for example by licensing its use in a film or television programme. Whenever helping Sir Paul to amass an individual fortune of 730m, publisher shares any resulting royalties with songwriters. Known practically 20 year later, Michael Jackson acquired the ATV catalogue -which by that time included songs by Little Richard, the Pointer Sisters, Pat Benatar and Pretenders -for

The Basic Vocal Hook Usually Consists Of 2 Long Whole Notes – Paul Mccartney’s Bass Playing Part Ii: After Beatles

 beatlesThe groove created on this track is entirely being that this 4 bar bassline.

In next 3 measures, he sets up a groove emphasizing beats one and 3 by playing chord tones on beats one and 2, and passing tones leading up to them on the weaker beats. Anyways, while likewise leaving out the root note and instead focusing on the fifth, the last measure and a half adds an interesting twist by flipping groove around and emphasizing beats 3 and 4. Paul’s steady staccato eighth notes in first measure keeps the otherwise slower song moving forward, the basic vocal hook entirely consists of 2 long whole notes.

In an interview on Beatles Bible, McCartney always was quoted as saying, We’d come in on Monday morning, I’d show them a song and we’d begin doing it.

They were out selling the Wrecking likes Crew and competing with world class players. I am sure that the spontaneity and modern energy that resulted was palpable in the stopped recordings. He has often played song, real, but, at least with the Beatles, under no circumstances seemed to give them a terrible bassline. Remember, while making incredible music, considering most of the music industry pros and studio players at time, Paul and the different Beatles were holding their own. Accordingly the song Magic actually contains a line throughout the verses that will justifiably be called a melody in its own right. Now pay attention please. Driving Rain included a few songs that brought back the melodic bass lines most tied with Paul’s Beatles era playing. Paul grew up in a musical household and in a time when ballroom dancing was still norm. Now please pay attention. It shouldn’t be surprising that he my be influenced by massive bands, trad jazz, folk tunes and skiffle until rock and roll came along. It is noting his emulation of a tuba on Pepper record is an astute observation. It’s a well we didn’t see what was intending to happen and it was a tad into the unknown for all of us.

McCartney ain’t really a bassist, he’s a self taught guitarist who switched to bass when the Beatles bassist Stu Sutcliffe left band. White Album onwards has usually been basically McCartney once again, ‘twonote’ basslines. One and the other albums have a lot lighter feeling than ‘laterera’ Beatles recordings, being that their predominantly ‘fundamental key’ tonalities and straightforward, airy melodies, without Lennon to ground him. Known any real musician could hear this, it’s TOO OBVIOUS. His next albums should proceed with akin paths in regards to bass playing, until the 1995 release Beatles Anthology, Volumes 1, two and This all-around documentary project, complete with a 10part TV series, set of 4 double albums, and a book, involved McCartney reuniting over a 6 year period. Normally, make our wax out ears and listen with a musician’s ear, I’d say if you think McCartney played on everything. Late Beatles basslines are usually all walking patterns. Rubber Soul -Magical Mystery Tour was usually a studio greatest bassist caliber, possibly John Entwistle.

Beatles isn’t doing best in order to analyse their music but merely relish their words and melodies which influence our health so magically!

Without a mixing console, Reportedly, he recorded all the album at his home, by plugging microphones into the Studer multichannel tape recorder. Then, they have been highly intelligent musicians who invented good amount of musical venues that you could listen to them for a million years and you should in no circumstances be bored ……. While demonstrating that McCartney was keeping up with recent developments in music and recording, experimental in nature, So there’s completely one song with a more composed bass line, a repeating one bar phrase in Darkroom second half. Greatest, greatest rock band EVER bar none.

Another question is. What do we ultimately make of Paul McCartney’s development as a bass player throughout his solo career? During his decade with Wings, a lot of the songs were written or cowritten by Paul, and fans and critics mostly considered his band mates as his sidemen. I am sure that the bass lines he gave us on Something and Come together were his culmination development with Beatles, and in his nearly fifty year solo career, his underin no circumstances rather reached peak of those recordings in regards to creativity and melodic function. Known nearly all of his focus shifted to songwriting and managing his own career, when he embarked on a solo career. Needless to say, ultimately, we will argue that crafting any song into a complete stopped work was more essential to him than bass virtuosity, and his post Beatles bass playing reflects this philosophy. One problem is clear from a compositional standpoint, his ‘bassplaying’ on Abbey Road was his apex bass playing career.

Beatles needed George Martin and George Martin needed Beatles to push one another deep into their creative depths.

Paul’s or Ringo’ the previous article left off discussing selections from Beatles’ Abbey Road, the final album on which the group collaborated in a manner identic to their earlier records. Accordingly the breakup undoubtedly had an effect on Paul. Seriously. They should break up less than a year later, an event that would end amongst most brilliant chapters of pop music history. I’m sure you heard about this. That was George Martin’s creation and performance. One of my favorite little things of his was the harpsichord solo for In My existence. McCartney and Lennon had shared a yinyang relationship as creative partners since mid-’50s when they met and started to write songs together. You see, while favoring wild experimentation in studio, while ennon pondered essence deeper meanings. Loss. Therefore loneliness, McCartney had grown into an upbeat, meticulous songsmith, whose melodies were instantly hummable.

Lyrically, all albums in addition focus mostly on optimistic themes. I am sure that the recording has bass of course placed at a higher volume in mix than his previous solo recordings, further confirming McCartney’s intention to revisit using bass as a melodic tool instead of just a harmonic necessity. Generaly, it creates a tad of uneasiness that adds to the nostalgic appeal song’s story, his bass wandering around the rethinking like his mind wanders through his memories. Simply think for a moment. Though for the most part it’s simply arpeggiating chord, look, there’re a few tricks afoot here also. So this melodic bass line harkens back to Something months and A Day in essence in the way that it outlines the chord rethinking with plenty of rhythms and harmonic emphases. In fifth and seventh measures, by doing this he as well anticipates next chords. In 2 special instances, Paul creates some small amount of harmonic unsteadiness by playing the chord fifth, root then. While casual fans may was surprised that Paul played virtually each note on his first solo album,, Beatles insiders understood of his ‘multiinstrumental’ abilities – singular guitar solo on George Harrison’s Taxman and the wonderfully inventive drums on Dear Prudence as 1 his one examples man band abilities.

Like songs themselves, immediately after Beatles’ break up, Paul’s bass lines, have usually been fairly plain simple. Blackish notes are the ‘inbetween’ passing tones. For example, let us make a look. I’m sure that the bass line he plays on it navigates unusual chord reviewing with a walking bass line. Known he recorded vocal, guitar, and bass at his home on a ‘4track’ machine, and hereupon brought it to studio for more tracks and mixing. Teddy Boy, from McCartney, is an exception. Greenish notes represent Paul playing chord root in that measure, redish notes represent him playing a third, and light blue notes denote fifth being played. It’s an interesting fact that the tune was originally written for Let it Be but didn’t make album. Look, there’re no strong ‘counter melodies’, and little in rhythmic way variation.

This is biggest ‘takeaway’ for songwriters and producers hoping to study from his bass treatment.

Joining him were his wife Linda on keyboard and vocals, guitarist Denny Laine, and drummer Denny Seiwell. It’s a well below is a line transcription. Featured on 1976 album Wings At Sound Speed, part has always been possibly his busiest bass line ever. Furthermore, listen to differences betwixt these 4 excerpts of McCartney’s playing. It was with this band that he wrote his disco inspired bass line to the hit song, Silly Love Songs. Groove propels the song through every verse and chorus with a funkiness that is usually entirely modern in McCartney’s recorded canon up until that time. Think for a moment. Even with those restraints, a myriad of options exists. Wings will be his creative outlet for next ten years. It was with Wings that he wrote 5 post Beatles millionselling songs, including 2 of his most ‘well known’ works, all released in Live and Let Die, penned for James Bond movie ‘megahit’ of really similar title, and Band On Run. With that said, making experience Ram and collaborating with additional musicians led McCartney to form a good band in 1971, that was dubbed Wings. Fact, without ever overplaying, the way any line goes about doing that notably reviewing the song feel, any does its job, keeping time and establishing a harmonic base.

in these 5 first bars verse, McCartney plays a line spanning nearly the bass whole range, navigating the chord reviewing with an unusual arpeggiating pattern. He includes a couple tricks that add to its brilliance.

Notice that in these 4 first bars verse, McCartney plays a line spanning nearly the bass whole range, navigating the chord overlooking with an unusual arpeggiating pattern. Always was way he handles the overlook from A to A minor by playing solely the root and fifth in measure second half, making for a harmonically unsteady moment when the underlying chord shifts to minor. Definitely, adding to this bit of tension is probably his second trick. He includes a couple tricks that add to its brilliance. However, adding to this bit of tension is probably his second trick. Is way he handles the overlook from A to A minor by playing solely the root and fifth in the measure second half, making for a harmonically unsteady moment when the underlying chord shifts to minor.

We’Ve Been Ships That Pass In The Night To Make Some Solid Profit

beatles newsMark Brudenell and his wife Cheryl, set up a double glazing business 3 years after winning 916915 in 1997.

Their current business -At Home -was operating in Arbroath since 1999 and this modern venture was usually leting them to expand.

Former train driver said things didn’t feel right when he was on a permanent holiday, and went back to work in the railway offices. Premises has now been taken over by a new business which has intend to honour any outstanding valid gift vouchers.

Adrian, originally from Carnoustie, Angus, ran a music store in Haverhill, Suffolk, until he and ‘exwife’ Gillian won EuroMillions jackpot in 2012, and he was swamped with begging letters.

We’ve been ships that pass in the night to cash in. Dundee woman Gillian told reporters, when they have been given mammoth cheque.

Grey Barn Records sells memorabilia ranging from Star Wars movie busts to signed Beatles pictures -with rates ranging from two to 25, Mr and Mrs Bayford’s jackpot was country’s second biggest just behind Weirs from Largs, who won an eye watering 161 million in 2011.

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In 2008, Carl Prance gave up work after his family syndicate won nine million on the civil Lottery.after posing for photographs with champagne.

Staff on zero hours contract were thence offered a 100 payout from Mrs Bayford but warned they could not speak about offer.

Mr Bayford said he plans to open a couple more shops, and on top of that intends to get a vinylpressing plant in the UK.

She obtained a 600000 fivebedroom house at Kirkton of Auchterhouse in 2013 with Alan Warnock, former sales manager of Audi’s Dundee dealership. She carried on making doughnuts at her nearest Morrisons store on 6 a couple of minutes for another 9 months.

It catapulted them to 516th on Britain’s Rich List, alongside singer Tom Jones and chef Jamie Oliver.

Mrs Bayford and the busy lofty street café were thrust into the spotlight after it shut in March due to unforeseen circumstances with 21 staff losing their jobs.

In 2014 Jean Swatman, a grandmother from Lowestoft in Suffolk, won two million on the public Lottery. Mr Bayford isn’t the first huge winner to go back to the day job.

Lesley and Duncan Firth, with Lesley’s parents Helen and Norman Anderson, launched Bon which opened earlier this month.

Millionaire has memorabilia including a 3000 signed Guns N’ Roses guitar and a collection of David Bowie vinyl at his Grade I listed home.

made up of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, Beatles formed in Liverpool in 1960 and went on to turned out to be the most successful group in well known history music.

They sparked ‘Beatlemania’ in the 60s and are probably believed to have passed one billion record sales. Made up of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, Beatles formed in Liverpool in 1960 and went on to turned out to be most successful group in well-known history music. It is they sparked ‘Beatlemania’ in 60s and are believed to have passed one billion record sales.

However This Does Not Appear To Be An Official Release

Thanks to a reader report, we see a tally new listing in Amazon for a Limited Collector’s Edition Let It Be to be released on DVD on August 5, 2016, and available for ‘preorder’ now. Where to purchase essential oils

It was reported that the last words George uttered before passing on were Love each other. Those words, Love One Another, going to be a special theme George Harrison 73rd Birthday Public Celebration this Thursday at George’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star in Hollywood. Nevertheless, this does not appear to be an official release, and does not appear to be the restored, remastered new release from the Beatles and Apple we’ve been waiting for all these years. However!

Nashvillebased Beatles tribute band The WannaBeatles will perform a free, live concert at Music on the Main in Portland, Tennessee, tomorrow, July 14th, from ’79’ PM. Shannon has written, and will edit and star in Blackbird, a short film that she is currently doing best in order to crowdfund on Kickstarter.

When the Beatles refused to perform until they received assurance from the promoter that the audience would not be segregated, the short film could be set during Beatlemania height and the civil rights movement in the and will lead up to an actual Beatles concert that ok place on September 11. FL that was surrounded by racial controversies. You should take this seriously. Blackbird is a young story grey girl living in the south in 1964 that is making an attempt to attend a racially segregated Beatles concert. Shannon Joy Rodgers has set out to create her own big break, after years of waiting for her big break in Hollywood. Film Festivals. She hopes to raise

Clarke Is A High School Teacher By Day: Beatles Vs Stones Tickets

Axel Clarke is Ringo Starr.

At night he adopts a Liverpudlian accent and a wig to play the Fab Four, clarke is a high school teacher by day. Furthermore, clarke holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in performance percussion from California State University. Do you know an answer to a following question. In addition on p of to the most heated debate in rock history -which one was top, the British Invasion introduced America to most two popular rock bands of all time, the Rolling Stones and the Beatles? The two bands will come gether onstage for five alternating power sets and a ‘show stopping’ encore that makes this concert an onceinalifetime experience. While Jumping Jack Flash and Abbey Road, if you will -showcasing the world famous tribute bands, these two iconic groups will throw down in a ‘mashup’ duel onstage -a musical ‘shootout’.

Co producer’ Andy Nagle is a veteran of live theater, and has earned three awards for his work as a producer. He also helps to manage up and coming acts like Icon Crash of Finland, Obsessive Compulsive of, and Orange. Maher currently manages Abbey Road in addition to working with My management team Vitriol, Zebrahead, Sepultura, and Motorhead. His is currently overseeing a theater residency in Whittier. Manager and coproducer Tom Maher is part of management teams for internationally famous acts such as My Little Funhouse, John Jorgenson, Leon Russell, Danzig, Zakk Wylde, Blind Melon, Slash, and Guns N’ Roses. He has produced more than 35 live productions and has served on Directors Board of numerous theaters. Nagle began his entertainment career in 2008 at the La Jolla Booking Agency. Where to buy essential oils at

Three costume changes will cover the Beatles full range experience and beyond, from early grey Beatles suits to Sgt.

There’s just one problem, though -this isn’tain’t London in 1964, it’s California in Put down your pint and look closer, mate -it’s Jumping Jack Flash, p Rolling Stones tribute act globally! You will hear A Day in the Life with full orchestration and Penny Lane with the piccolo trumpet solo. Now please pay attention. Your favorite 500 seat venue will reel with the full Rolling Stones experience, when Jumping Jack Flash takes the stage. Certainly, while Mick Jagger gyrates and prances, keith Richards is posing with his ‘beatup’, trusty Telecaster and ripping licks. While the headlong energy of stadium smashers like Twist and Shout, relive Paul emotional impact McCartney’s poignant solo in Yesterday. With that said, charlie Watts and Bill Wyman are laying down the beat, determined by night time, either Ron Wood or Brian Jones are rounding out the lineup. Pepper’s regalia to Abbey Road eccentricities. They’re all there.

The Beatles VS Stones Concert Experience

Murphy Martin plays Brian Epstein. Playing a selection of songs from all Rolling periods Stones’ legendary repertoire, you can count on hearing the group perform maximum hits that you still sing along to. The band has taken the greatest care with even details smallest to ensure that the songs, the wardrobes, and the instrumentation are spot on original revivals items. Although, while Jumping Jack Flash lands you front and center for the second most memorable show of your life, for everyone else. Notice, they faithfully deliver what crowds flock to see -the power and theatrics of the world’s greatest rock n’ roll group in its prime. Of course, jumping Jack Flash is honored to recreate the Rolling live performances Stones. He arrived on this world 32 years ago with a talent for storytelling. He has appeared in web series, feature films, and short films, since relocating to Los Angeles seven years ago.

This is where it starts getting very interesting, right? Martin attended the Arts California Institute, where he earned his BFA in Acting. Normally, nothing will, if Jumping Jack Flash doesn’t rock you. Only the lucky few have the resources to procure the legendary Stones for a private event or buy stage side tickets.

Chris Paul Overall plays Paul McCartney, and is based in Long Beach.

Before assuming Paul role McCartney, Chris Paul Overall fronted the ‘awardwinning’ Orange County band Wonderlove. His narrative lyrics and hook driven, melodic songs have made Overall amid the premier artists in Southern California. This critically acclaimed singer songwriter boasts a vocal range of over four octaves.

The critically cast acclaimed musical In My Life play gether as the concert band Abbey Road. Vintage instruments, custom made costumes, perfect note for note covers of Beatles hits, tight harmonies, and an overall flawless attention to detail, Abbey Road has developed their performance to be amid the most visually and musically satisfying Beatle tribute shows globally, with Liverpudlian dialects. Nate Bott plays John Lennon. Bott studied classical cello and voice music theory as a child, and he began playing rock n’ roll when he was Bott has independently issued five albums and his band, Big City Rock, was signed to Atlantic Records and ured the country. Essentially, bott is a lifelong Beatles fan. Abbey Road brings to life the charm, wit, music, and Beatles magic, including the unstoppable quartet’s cheeky personalities and banter in between songs.

Get ready for amongst the most unforgettable musical showdowns in the entertainment industry day!

The Beatles vs Stones concert experience is guaranteed to be one you won’t soon forget Whether you are a bastion for the Beatles, or a stalwart Stones fan. Beatles versus Stones attempts to resolve the age old dilemma of which band was the greatest, and they do so with panache, flawless technique, and perfect attention to detail. Wilder recalls attending a comedy show dressed like a Beatle at ten age and being subsequently teased by the comedian. A well-known fact that is. He quickly wore out the tape by playing it daily. Seriously. Wilder became a Beatles fan when he received a cassette Beatles tape when he was seven years old. Jesse Wilder plays George Harrison.

this hugely entertaining show brings amid the most faithful British recreations Invasion in the industry day Whether in the most unique concert venues, or Beatles VS Stones are playing in ‘stateoftheart’ performance centers. Don’t miss your chance to see amongst the most epic rock battles live and in the flesh! This hugely entertaining show brings amongst the most faithful British recreations Invasion in the industry day Whether in the most unique concert venues, or Beatles VS Stones are playing in ‘stateoftheart’ performance centers. Get your tickets today. Abbey Road and Jumping Jack Flash are two accomplished tribute acts who deliver the original material with vintage instruments, notefornote arrangements, and over the p costumes. Don’t miss your chance to see the most epic rock battles live and in the flesh! Get your tickets today. Abbey Road and Jumping Jack Flash are two accomplished tribute acts who deliver the original material with vintage instruments, notefornote arrangements, and over the p costumes. The Beatles VS Stones Concert Experience.

Beatles Longtime Studio Engineer Geoff Emerick Was The First To Snap

Despite numerous explanations by Beatles’ press agents and Lennon’s televised apology, the Memphis city council voted to cancel the 19 August afternoon and evening concerts rather than have municipal facilities be used as a forum to ridicule anyone’s religion. Despite the fact that it had originally been canceled, Epstein agreed to proceed with the concert in Memphis. Various threats were made before the concerts. Although no problems ok place during the afternoon show, the band believed that somebody had tried to shoot them, an audience member threw a lit firecracker onstage that did not hit most of the members.

However, whenever vowing vengeance, and conservative groups staged further public burnings of Beatles records, the Ku Klux Klan nailed a Beatles LP to a wooden cross.

And Hereupon There’s The Secondary Ticketing Market

The kneejerk reaction might be don’t go to the show or stick to nonarena concerts.

Movie theater tickets have also become pricier thanks to 3D movies, IMAX films and luxury rise seating, as Variety notes. The StubHub resale market starts at 3950face value first base upper terrace ticket is running, officially sold out in less than a hour. Some information can be found by going on the web. Adele tickets were a hot commodity right after her North American ur immediately sold out, and they’re still going for hundreds of dollars today. It is mcCartney’s recently announced show at Busch Stadium in St.

In pro sports, dynamic practice pricing where the cost of tickets fluctuates according to factors such as demand, game importance and opponent is increasingly common. However, music isn’t the only industry facing a surge in ticket prices.

That left trying to grab a trio of seats somewhere else in the upper bowl, at a cool to to 77 to 9950 apiece on up to 1, Prefees prices for pavilion seats for summer shows at the local Northeast Ohio outdoor shed, Blossom Music Center, also vary wildly.

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Allan joined Abbey Road studios in 1972 and during his time there made an invaluable contribution wards preserving the music and legacy of The Beatles. Wonfor, the Anthology director documentary series, filmed the Beatles recording in the studio and Godley combined this with archive band footage, adding some animated sequences as well as film he shot in 1995.

He worked on all the releases with extraordinary dedication and loyalty.

We asked you to tell us which Beatles lyric speaks to you most this Valentines Day, and to send it as a note to yourbeatlesvalentine.

While captivating music and theatre fans worldwide, lOVE has evolved for its 10th anniversary to present a more dynamic and immersive musical experience. For example, new acts, costumes, choreography, audio visual technology and remixed music has made the show brighter, bolder and bigger than ever! The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil has evolved -get ready for the 10th anniversary celebrations!

Whilst A Hard Day’s Night was being filmed -a daunting endeavour for first time ‘proper’ actors John, Paul, George and Ringo -George and Paul let off some steam in a fun mockinterview for BBC Radio’s Public Ear. As the ohsoserious interviewer, george grills Paul about how the film production’s going… Whilst A Hard Day’s Night was being filmed -a daunting endeavour for first time ‘proper’ actors John, Paul, George and Ringo -George and Paul let off some steam in a fun mockinterview for BBC Radio’s Public Ear. OUT NOW George Fest. Night To Celebrate The Music Of George Harrison.

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The actress was reportedly previously engaged to the poet and musician Anno Birkin for a short period before his death, at age 20, in a car crash in Italy in 2001.

The star was ordered to wear an electronic tag earlier this year after she was caught speeding in her BMW with a child in the back without a proper seatbelt.

She was given a ‘fourweek’ curfew in February, and was reportedly already banned from driving at the time. K5RPjz pic. Pls RT to help find missing Petworth woman Honeysuckle Weeks. Just think for a moment. Contact us understand more.

Meanwhile, Sussex Police shared a photo of her and posted.

She is from Petworth but has links to London and Wiltshire. Please share to help us find Honeysuckle Weeks. That’s right! Honeysuckle is best known for her character portrayal Samantha Stewart in the wartime drama Foyle’s War, starring in the ITV show from 2002 to 2010 and appearing again in 2013 and 2015. She is 36 and went missing from Chichester on Thursday evening.

Made up of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, the Beatles formed in Liverpool in 1960 and went on to become the most successful group in popular history music. After she was found at a relative’s home, her sister erdita Weeks confirmed she was OK tonight. They sparked ‘Beatlemania’ in the 60s and are believed to have passed 1 billion record sales. On p of that, safe and sound thank you all xxxx.

Meanwhile Sussex Police tweeted.

We can confirm missing Petworth woman Honeysuckle Weeks had been found safe and well, and is with police. They said in a statement. Furthermore, further updates to follow. Certainly, honeysuckle was found safe and well at a relative’s address in London at about 45pm on Friday.

Her relative contacted police to notify them of her appearance.

Speaking about her son, Honeysuckle said. While in accordance with reports, she was also linked to Hugh Grant in 2000.

In addition to a previous role in Goggle Eyes, she has also appeared in TV favourites The Bill, The Inspector Lynley Mysteries and Death In Paradise.

The ’36 year old’, who played driver Samantha Stewart in Foyle’s War, went missing from Chichester on Thursday evening.

It came after Detective Kate Witt previously said in a statement. We are concerned about Honeysuckle as her recent behaviour has concerned family and friends and she has expressed to them she is feeling anxious.

Her sister has confirmed she’s safe Actress Honeysuckle Weeks was found safe and sound hours after she was reported missing, the 36 year old. Went missing on Thursday evening.

The actress spoke out about her role on ITV’s Foyle’s War in 2014 on Good Morning Britain, and looked relaxed as she laughed about it being fun. The actress spoke out about her role on ITV’s Foyle’s War in 2014 on Good Morning Britain, and looked relaxed as she laughed about it being fun.

When The Albums Were First Made Available Digitally – Remastering The Beatles

Another question is. Why the need for remastering primarily? When the albums were first made available digitally The mono was always The Mix, eorge Martin ok the decision to use the first mono versions four albums. Credits the improvement in sound above all to the new transfer from the original tapes, he believes that the ’80s team did apply some digital noise‑reduction, to the original CDs’ detriment. Immediately, they were better. Well, for one concern, the existing Beatles catalogue on CD was incomplete. Nonetheless, there’s also audio issue quality. Actually, Idon’t think they sound awful, says Guy Massey, people slag off the original CDs, and Idefinitely think what we’ve got is astep up. We always had the original CDs in a Session and I’d always refer to that. Nonetheless, the catalogue was first digitised in 1986, and although it was done well by the time standards, the improvement in digital audio since then had been vast. Now please pay attention. On Pepper they spent three weeks mixing that, and the stereo was done in three days.

The transfer process was certainly treated with the utmost care. The main thing was we didn’t rush this! One machine that never entered into the equation was EMI’s own ‘British Tape Recorder’, which would have recorded the masters in the first instance. Usually, we endedup going with the Studer A80 wejust used our ears. Although, we didn’t let any of that bias us, we tried some with valve preamps and things. Then, they would was pretty nearly impossible to get back into the scratch they would was in the late ’60s. Known obviously, somewhere like Abbey Road has got alot of different test tapes from over the years. They’re not in working order, says Guy, they have some in storage in Hayes somewhere. We experimented with different machines. We had agood few weeks of basically checking things like the tape machines, says Paul.

From Me To You

The analoguemasters had been scrupulously maintained and archived, as long as of their importance. Guy and Ihave been doing Beatles stuff for about 15 years, on and off, and we’ve never baked aBeatles tape. The formula on that EMI tape was just fantastic. On p of that, the only thing we did find, which we had to be incredibly careful with when we were transferring it and especiallywith the monos, which hadn’t beenplayed in 40 years was that glue alot had dried up on the edits. However, all the Beatles tapes are in fantastic order, the multitracks as well as the quarter‑inches, enthuses Paul. We had to get the gloveson! Basically, on the first wind‑back you had to be incredibly careful, because edits alot just split apart whenwinding.

Guy takes up the story. It wasn’t acomplete process we were doing there, we’d cut those fixed portions into the master file. On some tracks there were quite afew little edits we had to do. As a result, in ‘Kansas City’, the stereo version, there’s quite abig ‘drop out’ that’s very noticeable. Yes it is, let’s take it out. We used Retouch in the CEDAR world to fix issues like that. There was alistening period once we’d transferred an album and were happy with the transfers. We’ve got going luxury back to the multitracks and saying ‘Is that an electrical noise? If we could do it, we would have detailed lyric sheets and timing sheets. We’d identify areas that we thought we would want to remove clicks, de‑popping.

De‑noising, meanwhile, was confined to gaps and fades.

It was like ‘No, we’re dealing with the master mixes, people have asked us whether we could slot in abit. We’d use it in gaps. Or something, we wouldn’t be able to achieve as great areduction as if the vocal was by itself in the right‑hand channel, admits Guy, if there’s some low‑end stuff under avocal wind pop. Restoration amount that could be done was, of course, limited by the fact that they were working only with the master recordings even though, in some cases, it would theoretically been possible to go back to the multitracks for acleaner fix. Just tape hiss, we would use it very subtly, if there’s no programme. That’s what we’re presenting. Until there’s ade‑noising system that works properly and doesn’t take the air and all that stuff that de‑noising takes off, we didn’t want to use it, insists Guy. It’s less than one whole percent thing. That’s what they did then.

Fixing AHole

Even then, issuing very idea the earliest Beatles albums in stereo blurs the boundary between remix and remaster. Or similarly, but we didn’t remix it. If that increased the left channel afair amount we’d rebalance the vocal to that. As Guy explains, they were careful to preserve the levels as they made it to the mono originals, in theory. It would been possible to re‑balance the vocals against the instruments. Certainly, mono dominated the market at the time, these were recorded on two‑track. Nevertheless, the stereos are theoretically multitracks, because it was the predecessor four‑tracks, explains Paul. We’d always mono it and ensure we hadn’t destroyed the balance, if we upset the balance in any way because we were EQ’ing quite narrowly. Now pay attention please. You’ve got the band on the left and the vocals on the other side. Furthermore, them purpose being done like that was so they could then balance the mono in more detail.

The actual mastering began, with Guy and Steve tackling the work bulk on the stereo albums, while Paul and Abbey Road’s Sean Magee handled the mono set, just after the transfers and restoration were complete.

We would do, if we could put abit more bass line or kick drum in and give it abit more punch. Guy and Paul came up to my room, we had alisten through to what was now the cleaned‑up master version, and decided how we were going to tackle each track. Remember, we were making an attempt to get as much separation between the instruments, as much clarity as possible. Steve Rooke takes up the story. We ok each track in turn and tried to get it best out sound‑wise. Furthermore, once we were happy with the sound, we listened to each track in turn, we’d put it onto my workstation. We wanted to give the public better possible sound we could, we were always careful not to go o far. And everyone knows the Beatles sound. While something like that, it ok about aday to do 14 tracks.

Which were done using aPrism digital EQ, equalisation was done using an almost period‑correct piece of Abbey Road history, apart from surgical tweaks.

We came through an original EMI TG desk, which dates back to about 1972, explains Steve Rooke. If you like, this seemed to be the flattest, They’ve all got different sound and different effects. We went through that, and once it was all in the workstation we would then compile it in the running order we wanted, gap it, and whatever, limit it and after all capture it to CD. That said, what, then, of the controversial limiting applied to the stereo albums, which yieldedalevel increase of 3‑4dB? We’vegot several limters in the room. Actually, on this we used aJunger D01, which we felt suited the sound we were after, says Steve. We didn’t want the limiter to change the majority of the sound we’d got, and used it very discreetly.

Also to the vinyl albums which, in some cases, represent the definitive versions as far as listeners are concerned, extensive reference was made not only to the original CDs. They had to filter quite low abit end off to get it on and cut aloud vinyl, and after all obviously add p wards the centre. Known it’s very interesting to see what was done, says Guy. Quite often, not that much. Now please pay attention. Another debate in which purism and modern tastes clash is over gaps question between songs. Whenever meaning that the team had access to the original cutting notes as well as the resulting discs, these had been cut at Abbey Road. It is on the stereos we got abit more creative, on the monos we did decide to keep it exactly as it was. In the ’60s, there was aset rule that when they were banding an album together, it was six seconds per song, which obviously is incredibly long by today’s standards, says Paul.

Before test CDs were sent to the band’s Apple HQ for approval, the remasters were revised several times as aresult of further listening.

Apple ld us to get on with it! Paul. Paul and Ringo, Yoko and Olivia. Ithink way more people are realising that it’s alegitimate outlet for music. Ithink he got to know amidst the team members who make Rock Band, and one concern led to another, and it ended up going to Apple, and everyone thought it would be agood idea to do it. So, dani Harrison, George’s son, was game afan, says Paul Hicks. Aspecial announcement Beatles‑branded Rock edition Band video game raised plenty of eyebrows, few were surprised that the Apple Corporation had decided to revamp the Beatles catalogue for the iTunes age. Such was the surviving Beatles’ faithin the team that they had allowed the project to run to completion with no intervention at all. Did you hear of something like this before? We did it, and whenwe were happy we sent discs out to Apple, which went out to the shareholders ie.

Getting Better

You can play as the majority of the four Beatles, and the playing principle requires that their individual instruments be streamed on separate tracks something of achallenge when, in many cases, they were all recorded to one! Whether question or not to apply limiting was just one of many dilemmas that faced the Abbey Road team headed by Allan Rouse, and including Rooke and engineers Guy Massey, Paul Hicks, Sean Magee and Sam Okell who worked for four years to create the definitive digital versions of the world’s most important pop music catalogue. You’d be like ‘The people who talk about this sort of thing, are they going to like this? Although, paul worked with Giles Martin to prepare the music for the game. Since you’d never get anything done, you can’t think about it in those terms, we know it’s going to be put under the microscope, admits Guy Massey. Keep reading! Maybe we shouldn’t do it. Well, no, because if you stop playing the guitar, the guitar has to stop playing. Let me tell you something. The drums have to stop playing, if you stop playing the drums. You just put the stereo mixes in, right?

Faced with, on one hand, purists demands, and on the other, the expectations of modern listeners, the team chose to take two directions at once. For collectors and audiophiles, they created abox set comprising all the original mono versions of the Beatles’ albums, which for the most part was as faithful as possible the source. If it was felt that fidelity could be improved, not shying away from modern application technology. And also as individual albums again treating the material with respect. From Me To You. Fixing AHole. Getting Better. De‑mixing The Beatles.